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Contact Information

#23/2, VITTAL MALLYA ROAD, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560001

phone: view phone080-40012345


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Cafe Coffee Day is India's favourite coffee shop for the young and the young at heart. We're part of India's largest coffee conglomerate, Coffee Day Global Limited.


In Asia, Coffee Day Global Limited is the second largest in terms of coffee estate ownership which means it has a rich and abundant source of coffee. There are also 11,000 small growers whom we source from and who make us who we are and we're glad to be a part of their lives. Popularly known as CCD, we strive to provide the best experience to our guests. To put it plainly, we brought in the concept of cafes to India (this is where you thank us!). The first one opened in 1996 on Brigade Road in Bangalore and continues to be one of the most happening places in the city. The young and the young at heart immediately took to the place. A smart, simple space that they could call their own for a while… sit down, talk and listen to conversations, hold short meetings or even have a lot of good fun…all over steaming cups of coffee. CCD today is totally in tune with its target audience. It’s a strong relationship the brand shares. It's been an exciting journey since then, becoming the largest organised retail cafe chain in the country. What's more if your travels take you to Austria, Czech Republic or Malaysia, do stop by our CCDs there for the taste of a blend from home.


Café Coffee Day – A lot can happen over coffee

Launched in 1996 in Bangalore, India.
Over 1500+ cafes spread across 200 cities/towns across India.
Single largest aggregator of youth in the retail space in India.
Over 300,000 guests walking into the café on a daily basis across the country.
Vertical domination and presence.
First consolidated and pure coffee outlet to find its footprint across the globe.

The Lounge

Wider range of Food & Beverages addressing meal needs as well.
Targeting a more mature and affluent group of customers.
An expressive, explorative space (owing to the alternate coffee drinking experiences and world cuisine options) conducive to network and ofcourse to unwind.
50 outlets spread across key cities.

The Square

Premium range of cafes serving Single Origin Coffees from around the world.
Perfect variety of food that complements the wide range of coffees.
Showcasing a boutique of brewing systems and coffee beans from around the world.
Catering to the absolute connoisseur and the well-traveled.
5 outlets 1 in Bangalore, 1 in Chennai, 1 in Mumbai and 2 in Delhi.

XPRESS Outlets

The stand up, walk away, take away Xpress café…It's coffee anytime and anywhere!

Hot, piping coffee is most welcome anytime, anywhere. It's something that lets you perk up, when you need a 'zing' to life

Caters to the mobile population of a city – always on the move, always in a hurry. Packaged in an area of just 60 square feet.
Believes in 'keeping it short and sweet'!
Present in all the key city spots. 'Wherever you go, I am there'…that's the motto.
No elaborate decorations, just fresh, delicious snacks and steaming beverages that come in convenient sizes.
Just buy, sip, bite or munch…a smarter and more efficient way of staying ahead of times!
Total outlets : 687+.
Find us in Shopping malls, Supermarkets, Multiplexes, Corporates, Airports, Railway stations, Depots, Petrol pumps, Parks, Educational Institutions etc.

CCD this year was bestowed with the prestigious ISO 22000:2005 certification by the internationally acclaimed DNV Business Assurance Food Safety System for its Food Safety management systems in cafes. This certificate covers the mandate of handling, preparing and serving food and beverages in the Café Coffee Day (CCD) cafes, Coffee Day Lounge cafes (CDL), Coffee Day Square cafes and Fresh Assembly Centres (FACs wherein café food is assembled before sending them out to cafes across).The Company is one of the first large scale food and beverage retailers to have received such an honour with respect to so many key business units.


1) Coffee Day Beverages

Coffee Day Beverages deals with dispensing machines that provide, at the touch of a button, hot coffee and tea, flavoured milk and even soups through its machines called Celesta. Just like heavenly music that flows to soothe tired nerves and perk up withered souls, Celesta dispenses beverages the way you need them.

ISO 9001:2008 certified for Design, Development and production of coffee and beverage vending machines compliance to CE.

Visit for more details.

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Parking: No

Live Entertainment: No

Reservations Accepted: No

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Cuisine: American

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